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Let us implore the Lord to preserve us from yielding to any strong passion, and particularly to anger.

- Saint Alphonsus Liguori

St. Monica Catholic Church - Parish Website

Is the OSC/IAF going into "stealth mode" again at St. Monica's?  There is a film on immigration issues called Panic Nation being shown at Mayflower Congregational Church.  Notice in the two bulletin ads below how the event is presented.  Could it be that someone doesn't want you to know that it is a fundraiser for the OSC/IAF? That it is being shown at OSC member Mayflower Congregational Church?  Or that they are charging St. Monica's parishioners more than St. Benedict's ;-)

St. Benedict Catholic Church Parish in Shawnee:

St. Monica's:

Deacon Lee Hunt's Sermon -3rd Sunday Ordinary Time

Fr Luschen's Response

This is Fr. Luschen's response to the letter sent to St. Monica's parishioners posted on the parish website.  Interestingly, Fr. Luschen has characterized it as an "anonymous" letter.  I counted 44 individuals, couples or families that "endorsed" the letter.  Hardly anonymous.  The group that sent the letter told us that, due to logistics, they did not want to try to gather so may people to physically place their signatures on the document.  It appears that his response may have been written based on an early, "pirate" copy of a rough draft of the letter before the names were put on it.

Letter to St Monica Parishioners Nov 12 2009

A group of concerned St. Monica's parishioners have sent the above letter to their fellow parishioners about St. Monica's participation in the OSC/IAF.  We have offered them the use of our website's email address for feedback.  We will forward all responses to them.  Feedback

Please note that while we are not parishioners of St. Monica's and did not participate in writing the letter we support theirs and others' efforts to express concerns about the IAF.

Fr. Tim summarizes plan of How's Your Live (sic) Committee and gives progress report Aug 30 2009.pdf

This is a link to the Sooner Catholic article on the OSC/IAF at St. Monica's parish.  See pages 3 & 6.

St. Monica's Parish IAF Information Handout from Fr. Luschen - Wk of 8/22/9

After months of meetings in various parishes and other groups with little or no public information to parishioners, finally a Pastor has decided to publicize and defend his commitment to involvement with the IAF.  Welcome to the sunlight, Fr. Tim.

How’s Your Life? – Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee – IAF (Link to Parish Website).

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Blessed Virgin Mary, Pray for Us.

"Critics of IAF say it is "divisive" and has the unhappy effect of "politicizing" churches, to which IAF leaders happily plead guilty."

Father Richard J. Neuhaus


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