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The Catholic Church of Saint Eugene - Parish Website

The following documents are in date order with the most recent at the top:

Resignation Letter from Ralph Cardenas to Father Jacobi

Father Jacobi Response to Ralph Cardenas

Cover Letter to Archbishop from St Eugenes Parishioners

Cover Letter to Father Jacobi from St. Eugene's Parishioners

Packet to parishioners St Eugene

This packet was mailed to all the parishioners of St. Eugene on November 18, 2009.

Fr Jacobi--OSC Letter 10-22-09

Letter from concerned parishioners to Fr. Jacobi about the participation of St. Eugene's in the OSC/IAF.

Fr Jacobi's Letter to St. Eugene's Parishioners

This is Fr. Jacobi's letter to the parishioners of St Eugene.  We would point out that Fr. Jacobi's reference to the Archbishop's support of the OSC/IAF

"Archbishop Beltran will have a letter in the September 27th issue of The Sooner Catholic explaining his support for the efforts of OSC and of the local parishes which are involved in OSC."

is not as clear cut as he may have thought.  See the letter we received from the Archbishop clarifying his position: Archbishop Beltran Response Letter 9-28-2009.

FAQ from St. Eugene's Parish on the IAF/OSC

This is a handout of "Frequently Asked Questions" from St. Eugene's parish on the IAF/OSC.

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