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Industrial Areas Foundation

Power is a concept that often symbolizes corruption and abuse. Partly because of this, many of us are not comfortable with being associated with having or wanting power. However, in community organising, power dynamics are addressed and discussed openly. Community leaders and organizers recognize that power does not have to equal corruption or abuse. Osterman (2002) quotes IAF organizer Ernesto Cortes while giving a talk:

  • "Organising means understanding that power comes in two forms: unilateral, top-down, expert-driven power from organized money…But power also comes from organized people with their institutions. Power can also be not just unilateral but also relational. Relational means when two or more people get together and have a plan and begin to act on that plan. When you put together a house meeting, you are building power. When we build power across our region, then we can have the kinds of initiatives, the kinds of programs we want. We have to remember our mantra ‘power before program.’ ‘Power before program.’ Got that?"

Civic Engagement, Community Development & Implications for the Academy: From Los Angeles to Ireland
Maria Avila
Occidental College, USA

IAF Organizing - Citizens Handbook - A document on IAF Organizing from the Citizen's Handbook website.

Citizen's Handbook - The website itself.

Latino Catholics and American Public Life

IAF Project


IAF PROJECT in Vietnamese

This handout was prepared by Mike Minnis and was given to Fr. John Metzinger prior to his decision not to continue support for the IAF at St. John the Baptist Parish .  Also available are Spanish and Vietnamese versions.

Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) - Discover the Networks

AlinskyDefeater's Blog » Main Stream Media Tries to Cover up Obama’s Ties to Radical Saul Alinsky

WORLD | My 'best education' | William Dembski and Edward Sisson | Oct. 10, 2008 - "How did Barack Obama's community-organizer training with the radical IAF organization shape him as a leader?"

IAF Tax Return for 2008 - Fun stuff.

Alinsky Affiliated Nonprofit Lands $56M Fed Loan |

Ala Derecha (Right Wing): EPISO Holds Accountability Session; Candidates Waver

Is Durham CAN Really Non-Ideological? This must-read article appeared in the Carolina Journal. It's lead sentence,

"A Durham group touts itself as nonpartisan and non-ideological, but a review of its activities, and its affiliation with national "social justice" groups, casts doubt on that contention."

gives a flavor of the article.  It is wide ranging, and covers IAF activities around the country.

Oklahoma is on the IAF website under "Organizations in formation" with a link to Scroll down and look in the right column.

IAF | Affiliates

The video of Stephanie Block's presentation about Alinskyian Community Organizing is finally available on YouTube!  

Stephanie Block Presentation on Alinskyian Community Organizing

She spoke at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond on Saturday, October 10, 2009.  Still valid today, it's some of the best information we have seen on the subject.  Approximately 225 people attended.  The DVD is available upon request.

Will Churches With the Greater Cleveland Congregations Use Alinsky Tactics? | Video |

Here is an article about things going on in Cleveland, OH.  The IAF at work again, and with the national election coming an a little over a year.  Surprise, surprise.

Opening Keynote Session: Building a Just Society Through Ethical Leadership

Father Mitch Pacwa on Community Organizing

California Right to Life Advocates » COMMUNITY ORGANIZING

Dennis L. Shirley - Boston College

'Christian Churches Together' and the Catholics | Spero News

The Progressive Funders who are behind Alinskyian Organizing | Spero News

Alinsky's Star Pupil Uses 'Rules' As A Manual For 'Social Surgery' - IBD -

Here is some interesting information on Ernesto Cortes from the Social Relationship Map website, Muckety.  Double click on the Economic Policy Institute of which Mr. Cortes is a director, and see where it leads.  Enjoy, but be careful, it can be addictive.



This link is to the PhD Dissertation by Brian D. Christens on Community Organizing.

"Organizing for Family and Congregation?  A Critique of the Political-Theological Vision and Strategy of the Industrial Areas Foundation"

This link is  to the Google Books page showing Chapter 5 from the book  Religion and Dialectics by Anthony Mansueto.  The title of the Chapter is "Organizing for Family and Congregation?  A Critique of the Political-Theological Vision and Strategy of the Industrial Areas Foundation"  It is a very interesting critique of the IAF.  Mr. Mansueto was the Director for Peace and Justice for the Diocese of Dallas between 1988 and 1991 and was involved with IAF organizing.  While I'm sure we are at odds with Mr. Mansueto on most things, he gives interesting insights into the IAF.

Is the Catholic Church in the United States Seeking Legalization of Undocumented Workers? | Spero News

Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services deeply involved in ‘social justice’ work « A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics

Church officials, critics clash over Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Obama and the Bishops | First Things

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus comments on the CCHD.

Wapedia - Wiki: Industrial Areas Foundation Profile on the IAF

Articles about IAF Organizations

This link is to bibliographies on books and articles on the IAF from the Arizona Institute for Public Life.  Especially interesting is the Annotated Bibliography.

KION interview with Jo Joyce 03-26-10

The following is a recording of a radio interview Jo did with a group called Freedom Advocates on KSCO radio in Santa Cruz, California on February 6, 2010:

 2010_02_06_Jo Joyce_Shaw_Crews_KSCO-posted.mp3

Freedom Advocates

Freedom Advocates Downloads | Radio Shows

Empowering Parents and Building Communities: The Role of School-Based Councils in Educational Governance and Accountability -- Shatkin and Gershberg 42 (6): 582 -- Urban Education

There are a plethora of articles and information about the IAF scattered throughout this website.  I will try to gather some of the more important one here in the near future.

Saul Alinsky: Homo Ludens for Urban Democracy

Interesting book review of Let Them Call Me Rebel: Saul Alinsky: His Life and Legacy, by Sanford D. Horwitt, from 1989.

Can One Man Change the World?

Texas Monthly article on Ernesto Cortes and the IAF in Texas. 

First Things April 2002 Richard J. Neuhaus

Interesting article by Fr. Neuhaus.  Contains this insightful quote: "Critics of IAF say it is "divisive" and has the unhappy effect of "politicizing" churches, to which IAF leaders happily plead guilty."

IAF and Abortion - Three Articles by Stephanie Block

Alinskyian Organizing Linked to Abortion

An article by Stephanie Block showing some of the shadowy links between Alinskyian organizing and the abortion industry.

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Blessed Virgin Mary, Pray for Us.

They did not know when the Rebellion predicted by Major would take place, they had no reason for thinking that it would be within their own lifetime, but they saw clearly that it was their duty to prepare for it. The work of teaching and organising the others fell naturally upon the pigs, who were generally recognised as being the cleverest of the animals.

Animal Farm - George Orwell


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