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Community Organizing in Education
ABCs of DumbDown: The Theology of Community Organizing.  Part of an interesting series on education.  Subtitle is Liberation Theology, Community Organizing, and the Jesuit Pedagogy (posted 5/14/16).

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Community Organizing for School Reform - March 30, 2005

We agree public school needs reform, but we disagree that Alinsky-style progressive community organizing could benefit children.  We firmly believe Progressive ideas are antithetical to the Church and to society as a whole, by bringing relativism to its most dangerous level--that whatever feels good is ok.  The policies by the liberal/progressive change movement have brought about harmful policies to our schools, including sex education that is inappropriate for age level and because it teaches that sex is ok if you use birth control, and that if you get pregnant, have an abortion.  We also do not believe public schools are an appropriate venue to promote the false teachings of environmentalism as a valid worry for our children.  They should be taught respect of all God's creatures and nature itself, but not to the point that nature is more important than mankind.  It is wrong to teach children that killing babies is ok, but killing fish or cattle for food is not.



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