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Miscellaneous Information on Techniques and Groups other than the IAF

Organizing for action: the Democratic Party's new machine - Maybe your Pastor will finally believe it really is about partisan politics.



EVALUATION STUDY OF INSTITUTION-BASED ORGANIZING FOR THE DISCOUNT FOUNDATION by JEANNIE APPLEMAN 11-12-96 - Want to know how community organizing is related to a winning election for the Democrats?  Just skip to page 16 on this document from 1996.  All the key players are present: unions, community organizers, DNC, and George Soros funded "Center for Community Change".  It explains it all.

SUNBEAMTIMES.COM: Boycotting Bishops Fundraising Campaign: A Protest against FAST Funding.

Obama, Rules for Radicals and SCOTUS

The Ideological Fight of the Century | Black Quill and Ink

Public Radio"s "Marketplace" Whitewashes Alinsky; "Quite a Conservative Guy" - BizzyBlog discussion of Alinsky on American Public Media.

True North - Alinsky Infiltrates the Catholic Church - Discussion about Alinsyian Community Organizing and the Catholic Church from Minnesota.

Voices Empower " Black Conservative Acorn Whistle Blower Anita Moncrief supports Rick Santorum for President Comments Feed

Nazarene Social Justice and It"s Socialist Connections " Reformed Nazarene - Interesting article of the struggles in the Nazarene church over Alinskyian Community Organizing.

In Cleveland: Church " 1, Satan " 0 | The American Catholic - Great stuff - "Thomas J. Allio Jr., retired senior director of the Cleveland Diocesan Social Action Office, has penned an op-ed that appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that is probably intended to raise some eyebrows. The op-ed is highly critical of Bishop Richard Lennon for his decision to forbid all parishes from participating in meetings of the Greater Cleveland Congregations." Congratulations to Bishop Lennon.

After the Berlin Wall -- the Enduring Power of Socialism

Updated: *181* Bishops (100% of Dioceses) Have Spoken Out Against Obama/HHS Mandate |

Two Ways of Invoking Saul Alinsky -

Chicago's Real Crime Story by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal Winter 2010 

LES FEMMES - THE TRUTH: Soros Money Funds Faith-Based Community Organizers

Partners and Coalition Groups | NETWORK  - If you need a top ten of groups not to support this would be a good start.

VEHICLES OF CHANGE: CONTEXT AND PARTICIPATION IN POWER-BASED COMMUNITY ORGANIZING  This link is to the PhD Dissertation by Brian D. Christens on Community Organizing.

The Decline of Progressive Policy and the New Philanthropy

CBR and the Two Forms of Social Change

Victory in Sight: Community Organizations and Popular Governance

How Marxism Has Infiltrated the Catholic Church - An interesting article we came across that seems worth reading.  We haven't had time to thoroughly check out the website or group that put it together, so we can't vouch for them or the accuracy of the article.

GATHER THE PEOPLE (GTP) Downloadable Documents: Congregational (Faith-Based) & Community Organizing Resources - for a first hand look at documents the Community Organizers use in their training, theory and practice look at the links on this website.       (Posted 12/12/10)

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Blessed Virgin Mary, Pray for Us.

“Your job was to give us an understanding of God and the Bible, and what God’s will was for us, to develop our spiritual life so that we could better take care of the parish. You did not take enough care of our spiritual needs.”   Monsignor Jack Egan received this evaluation from his parishioners at Presentation Parish in Woodlawn, when he was reassigned to Notre Dame.

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